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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

100,000 hits

Today this blog crossed over the 100,000 hits milestone. So celebrate with Ultimatenyg as we usher in a stronger 2009 with a hungrier Giants team that will play with increased resolve to win a title.

This week is the Super Bowl. Robbins likes the Steelers... I think these guys in the trenches have a better feel for the game than most, so I take note of those calls. (If you have a strong opinion on the Super Bowl winner, let us know.) Next week we have the 3rd Annual Ultimatenyg Awards. The week after is the Combine when Wonder gets into high gear. (I know less than zero about the college players, since I only get the NFL and March Madness.) A lot of NFL teams will be trying to re-sign their players who are about to become UFAs during this period. Two weeks later it will be the end of February, with Free Agency upon us. We'll have plenty of time to ruminate the possibilities of whether or not Reese, in his 3rd year of the Free Agency market, decides to flex it or remain in virtual hibernation.

And the holy of holies, the DRAFT.

So as we cross this milestone, there is a lot coming. Thanks for being part of the 100,000.


dberenson said...

Congratulations on the 110k mark. Without meaning to sound sappy, this blog really has been one of the things that has made me enjoy this season so much. (That, and 12 wins, of course.)

Motown Blue said...

Interesting comments from Toomer regarding the tail end of the season. Sounds, to me, like there is more to it with his frustration with the offensive game plans besides him not being more involved. Toomer:

(Even if they had explained it, you wouldn't have been happy?)

No, I mean, it doesn't really make much sense when you think about it. And ultimately, us not being able to throw the ball effectively and keep the defenses off-guard ... I mean, they try to rely on the offensive line. And I think our offensive line is great, but they're great when we mix it up. You do one thing or the other, every offensive line struggles. I think that's kind of how it ended up.


Coaching staff is inflexible from the head coach down. I know for a fact Spags was not as he liked to get input from his players and empower them. Make them take ownership of their roles. I really hope TC learns from what impact Spags had with his D and how the approach needs to change with his O. Toomer will not be the only guy in that locker room who questions their game plan approach and I am sure if O'Hara was out the door he would be speaking his mind knowing his history.

Bob said...

congratulations on running a great blog. It was one of the highlights of last season for me.

Anonymous said...

Yes Andy, it was a pleasure finding this blog. I think I found it from you writing a comment in one of the New York papers and including your website address.

You got smarts, you write well, and you keep it interesting. Having an unexpected championship fall into our(Giants fans) laps didn't hurt either.

I've lived in SEC country for 9 years so my interest in college football has gone up. Sports talk down here (northern Mississippi) is mostly SEC football, Memphis basketball, Cardinals baseball, a heckuva lot of golf, and a smattering of other stuff.

Love ultimatenyg. I check it every day.

Andy F. said...

all comments very much appreciated. I used to watch college football when i was single, gave it up when I got married. decent deal. i still get amused every time I see the little 10 get abused by the pac 10 in the rose bowl. every year. my knowledge of college football is like this: buy the sec rb, sell the big 10 rb, give me the big 10 OL, buy pac 10 and sec everything. and don't be afraid of drafting Troy State. lol.

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