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Friday, January 30, 2009

Motown blogs..

Jacobs commented today regarding coulda, woulda, shoulda:

"If we have Plax on our team, we go 15-1 and we win the Super Bowl. I'm not afraid to say that and I'll say it to anybody on any team," Jacobs said. "We had a different identity with him and we didn't have enough time to change our identity to be effective at what we wanted to do - try to play a team differently. Teams - I'm not going to say stopped the run - but they did a little better each week because they had that eighth guy in the box."

Jacobs suggested it was much too late in the season to adjust to life without Burress on the field. When asked if the Giants need to make a move next season to replace Burress if he's not back, Jacobs replied, "I'm not going to say I think we should (because) then we would have our identity at the beginning of the season and not have to find a new identity late in the season. That's kind of hard. If we know he's not there, we set our identity to what we're going to be all season long instead of trying to change it."

Again this is damning to the coaching staff.....can't make adjustments due to the loss of one player! Just hope his teammates aren't as gullible as he is. I guess there is a reason he has that running style and how it has affected his mental acuity.

I am frustrated more by the fact that it looks more and more like we will go through what we went through after they choked against SF in the playoffs.....wasted a year to change.

Ultimatenyg here: Finding a new identity???!!!??? The point is that this is precisely what coaches have to do all year, to ADJUST to changes, changing defenses, emergence of personnel, loss of personnel to injury. Coughlin and Gilbrown both get an F for not adjusting to the week 14 wakeup call they got. Problem was that instead of waking up they hit the snooze button. (Okay that was not my line, I borrowed it from someone else, but I liked it too much.) If I understand it correctly, you build your identity early in the season and then you play that hand? No adjustments? The adjustments were simple and straightforward enough, we talked about them ad nauseum, no need to mention them for the SEVENTEENTH time. Motown's parallel to 2002 and SF is very interesting.

Separately, Simms likes the Steelers on Sunday. "Their speed (on defense) will catch the Arizona Cardinals by surprise."


Russ Wellen said...

True, Jacobs is, in essence, making justifications for his coaching staff's inability to adapt. But just wanted to make a comment on: "I guess there is a reason he has that running style and how it has affected his mental acuity."

I'd be leery of making a statement like that because because it comes off as insensitive. You may not be aware, but as the New York Times reported in a profile of him (sorry, don't have time to look it up and link to it), Jacobs had learning issues when he was a kid.

He was actually in special ed until his potential was finally noticed. Not in this case, but usually Jacobs's statements are on the money and refreshing in their frankness.

Motown Blue said...

Thanks Russ for passing this on. What I should have stated was basically that the cause and effect of his running style has knocked some of the sense out of him.

Don't get me wrong I love Jacobs and they better resign him as he is a key player.

Mitch said...

I have been reading all the posts for the past 2 days and I have to say everyone makes valid points about the draft and argue their positions well.

I posted a link to an interview with Eli Manning which was broadcast on SNY yesterday on a show called "Wheelhouse" It is interesting because he comments on Jacobs, Toomer, and has a subliminal dig at Gilbride when asked about his trouble throwing in the wind at Giants Stadium. He is so calm and cool and handles the interview well. You should also notice how he is immune to the antics of Scott Ferrall when he claims the Steelers would "school" the Giants if they were in the Super Bowl. Check it out:


Bob said...


You're right on again, Coughlin &
Gillbrown deserve an F for adjusting to change. And sinking the 2008 season.

Jerry Reese, please save the NYG,
fire Gillbrown & give Coughlin a swift kick in the behind.

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