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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Good news for Giants fans: Robbins is ready

Yesterday, Fred Robbins spoke on his blog for the first time in 3 weeks. If you read #98's comments this season, he has been open about plenty of stuff... not the usual Eli Manning platitudes.

Why is Fred Robbins so important? If you have to ask that, (1) welcome to the blog world, where we explain stuff like that (2) you probably have not been following the gmen that closely.

Robbins is one of the keys to the game on Sunday. Since he is good on run defense, and since the Eagles can't run the ball well, we know and expect the Eagles to be passing a lot. It is imperative to get the push up the middle on McNabb so that he (a) cannot step into the pocket on his throws (b) cannot step up to avoid the pass rush AND (c) cannot buy time for his dumpoff/checkdown/flare to the RB/TE. "Critical," says Wonder. Agreed.

Now let's listen to what Robbins had to say:
We can’t make mistakes against a team like Philly. They’re hot and they’ve really been claiming the line of scrimmage, so it’s going to be a typical Giants-Philly game and could come down to who has the ball last.

A lot of people have been saying that we could be rusty after a couple weeks off, but I don’t think so. We got in a lot of good work this week and last week. We haven’t relaxed, or taken the foot off the gas pedal. It’s playoff time! There’s no tomorrow and no get ’em next week. Each play really counts, and if you lose you have to wait a whole year to play again.

We’ve worked too hard for this to be the end of our season. We’re still hungry.
I didn’t take the day off against Minnesota even though I’ve been banged up because it could have been tough to get back in the groove going into the playoffs after not playing for 3 or 4 weeks. I wanted to sharpen my technique.

My shoulder is feeling healthy, about 95 percent. I’m finally able to do the things I was able to do at the start of the season, and I’m ready to pick up where I left off before I hurt my hands and my shoulder.

When we played Philly last time I had missed the week before with the shoulder injury and I think I rushed back too soon. My shoulder was not healthy enough for me to have been out there playing. I didn’t want to miss that game, but I wasn’t able to perform up to my capabilities.

If this guy is healthy and playing to "where I left off before I hurt my hands and my shoulder," it is lights out, my friends. Robbins had 5.5 sacks in his first 6 games before he got hurt, and enabled Kiwi and Tuck to do what they do best. Watch Freddie on Sunday, because if he is getting the push, he doesn't even need the sacks (although of course they are the bonus). He just needs to push up the middle so that McNabb is disrupted with hurries/knockdowns/Tuck.

SEPARATELY: ASK WONDER. Do you have a question for Wonder on the Gmen or Eagles? On the matchups between CAR-AZ, SD-PIT, TEN-BAL? Who is the player to watch on a particular team? He'll field your questions (email or comment) with a post for Friday. Btw, nice job by Wonder early Sunday in alerting us to Minnesota's chances dropping big when Pat Williams was unable to play.


Mitch said...

This was on philly.com this morning.

Don't let hype "phool" you
Everywhere you look and everything you hear and read says that the 2008 Eagles have turned in their ugly helmets and green and white unis for red, white, blue, and gray and have become the 2007 New York Giants. But the last time I checked the 2008 New York Giants weren't the 2007 Dallas Cowboys. Because when people say that the Eagles are the Super Bowl XLII champions, it is implied that the '08 G-Men have become Jerry Jones' latest playoff joke.

The difference between the 2008 Eagles and the 2007 New York Giants is that the 2008 Eagles have been given everything and earned nothing. They were given a chance to make the postseason after tying Cincy. They were given another shot even when they lost to a lost Washington team (for the second time). They were given a gift when the Bears couldn't find a way to beat the Texans in Houston and they were given a miracle when the Oakland Raiders overcame a 10-point fourth-quarter deficit to beat the Buccaneers in Tampa Bay.

If I was a member of the Eagles I would have been at the nearest convenience store buying a Power Ball ticket as time expired between Tampa Bay and Oakland rather than preparing for kickoff against Dallas. Because once the Bucs fell to the Raiders, Dallas didn't have a prayer to win in Philly.

The Eagles couldn't make the playoffs without the failures of others this season.

Team of destiny? Absolutely not. Team of luck? Definitely.

Cody said...

Hey, I'd like to make one minor edit to your post:

"Since he is good on run defense..."

Can you please subtract an "o" from it? It should read as follows:

"Since he is God on run defense..."

So, uh - yeah, agreed. Fred Robbins is a huhh-yuge key to this game.

Motown Blue said...

#11 on WFAN:


Picks the Gmen. If he had to pick a winner for the super bowl his pick......NY Giants. Bottom line they have the most of any team.

Not very impressed with Carolina largely due to their Defense. Peppers is inconsistent and was sent a message re: the Saints game. They let a 31-13 lead slip away. Thinks the Cardinals may give them a run for their money.

#53 talks on WFAN to:


Mr. Carson looks back at the previous game in the swamp and from the get go thought they were flat. They had too much to overcome in that game with Tuck having the flu, Ross out, Jacobs getting hurt and yes he admits that the Burress incident has to affect at some point. Should be a lot of momentum and revenge for the Gs this Sunday based on last game and ripe for their best outing.

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