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Sunday, January 25, 2009

2009-it CAN'T come soon ENOUGH!!

#1: NONE of the RB's in this draft are worth a #1 !! Wells, Moreno, McCoy,etc.. are ALL mediocre...stay AWAY from them even if we lose Ward
#2: SPEED KILLS in the NFL nowadays...particularly on DEF!! and that's what we NEED...so, there are some EXCELLENT LB's that MIGHT be available in first two rounds...and at end of first, if Cushing available, grab him..but NOT Lauranitis...Orakpo, Curry, and Maualuga will be LONG gone...however, IF Mau drops to 20-30 range, we should MOVE up to grab him..he's a perfect MLB/Tackling Machine for us...again, VALUE....I also will remind all of those that I, WONDER, GUARANTEED that Cromartie would be a star, and was BEGGING my jets to grab him instead of Gholston..you CANNOT TEACH SIZE OR SPEED !!!...soooooo:
#3. It's becoming a PASSING LEAGUE and every team needs at LEAST 3 reasonable corners..particularly TALL ONES...sooo, if V. Davis or S. Smith available, GRAB HIM...NOT D.J. Moore OR Alph. Smith...Jenkins will be long gone
#4. WR's: CRABTREE, CRABTREE, CRABTREE !!!! This guy is the REAL DEAL: TOUGH, BIG, GREAT HANDS, SPEED...think ANDRE JOHNSON (who this writer BEGGED the Jets to Draft!!)...personally, I would ACTUALLY trade our #1 this year AND next AND maybe a 3rd round pick to KANSAS CITY IF HE's there at #3 !! HE's THAT GOOD and would make us forget Plaxico REAL QUICK..KC has a TON of needs and Pioli LOVES TO STOCKPILE draft picks when building a team..have this deal IN PLACE in case he's avail at #3..TRUST ME !!! after that, MEDIOCRITY..although I think Macklin will be a good pro...

Lastly, if nothing falls our way, there are a LOT of pretty good tackles to be had...Diehl's doing it with mirrors and McKenzie is slowly wearing out...also, IF, IF, nothing looks good, TRADE DOWN...better yet, TRADE AWAY our #1 if some moronic team will give us their #1 next year and a #2 or #3 this year (depending on "where" they draft, etc.)



Anonymous said...

You need to get a job scouting for the Gmen.

Bob said...

We traded UP in last years draft to get...whats his name ???. Oh yeah
Bryan Kehl.....the Giants scouts were real excited about him !

Bob said...

Sorry to partially disagree Wonder !

We have serious needs at LB, OT and
WR, don't see how we can afford to trade away a #1 pick this year.

Anonymous said...

I'm not saying your wrong about Crabtree. All the experts seem to have the same assessment about him.
But. How did Ole Miss hold him to 4 receptions for 30 yards in the Cotton Bowl?

Motown Blue said...

First 2 rounds are all about maximizing value.....picking the best available regardless of position. However, picking a QB who may be the highest rated player left doesn't make sense for this team. That being said, I don't foresee an LB, WR or DT that will be available based on rankings and having watched most of these players. I would not be the least bit suprised if they draft an Tackle as this draft is deep with Tackles. Out of all the positions of value this has the highest probability of being there when the Giants pick. Either LT or RT would be fine as McKenzie does appear to be breaking down and Diehl has majore trouble with speed rushers. An LT draftee would be blessed with Diehl as a coach on the field who excels as a guard versus a tackle.

As for Crabtree, I agree he is a stud and bonafide can't miss. However, I would't sacrifice that nmuch for him knwoing who my OC is. Gilbrown is to browning stupid to know how to use him effectively. The guy doesn't know how to utilize a players strength nor compensate for their weaknesses. He would just have Eli force it to him no stop and never effectively decoy him to open up the other talent on this team. They are much better off keeping picks to strengthen their defense knowing that their margin of error for winning is smaller with that lobotomy of an OC.

Joe said...

My son thinks we should trade Eli, use the likely 2 2nds, 2 3rds. Use Eli's cap money to re-sign Jacobs AND Ward.
Why couldn't Carr be a MVP behind our O-line?

Nature said...

Joe i hope 1 of 2 things....your kidding or you forgot ya meds!!!

i have my red flags about B.KUSHING, done like what i see in his hips and he misses tackles. Senior Bowl he missed a few a got shook out of his shoes by a slower back.

i i personally think WONDER is wrong about the running backs...Last year (not on this board) i told people that Steve SLATON would be better than every back picked before him, I was just about right (and he might even be better than Chris Johnson). What i see from Moreno in GEORGIA i think he can be a big-time back in the NFL. His hands are awesone and his ATHLETISM isnt talked about enough (diving for passes and hurdling LB's) not a big BEEINE WELLS guy and i havent seen a enough of MCcoy

Anonymous said...

Can't say what you propose is a bad idea. Nature don't like it and on it's face it sounds crazy but you might be on to something. It will never ever happen but...

Craig said...

Not that bad of an idea, BUT
1.The Giants would ask for to much
2.Eli makes big buck and other teams wouldnt give up that much for a painfully inconsistent qb
3.We know what Eli can do, Carr is still a myster
4.Would be hard to convince anybody to trade your superbowl MVP(Should have been the DLINE)

Would you really take Slayton over Chris Johnson, Matt Forte, or even Kevin Smith (who had a good year in DETROIT)

I agree with you on Beenie, im not to big on him and Knowshon has the potential and the greatest name ever.

Mitch said...

Manning vs. Carr

Since they have been playing football in the NFL...everyone loves the backup Quarterback.

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