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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Capers, Phil Simms- Conference Championships, Eli Manning

1) Giants first: Dom Capers is being targeted for Defensive Coordinator. I do not like the choice. Would have preferred the younger, hungrier assistant, like Spags. It took a miracle CHANGE in an older Coughlin retread to get us a title. So I think you have a better shot when you take someone new, someone in the present, not in the past. How is Capers going to innovate? All I can say is that the Giants won three Super Bowls with a first time head coach (Parcells), a first time Def Coord (Belichick, Spagnoulo), and a head coach who had to become something new (Coughlin).

Phil Simms:

2) The hiring of Raheem Morris (in the league for 2 years as a position coach, 32 yrs old) as the Head Coach at Tampa Bay... "Remarkable. Unbelievably impatient league." Continuity is in the toilet. They want youung guys, this is a bad development, says Simms. John Harbaugh and Mike Tomlin are youung guys who are just as hard and smart as Coughlin and Parcells, they keep the players at arms length, but they are young. Denver almost hired Morris.

3) Jets want the def coord of the Ravens, Rex Ryan. Will be good with the fans and media in NY, because he is honest and upfront. Good fit. Can he get the staff? Simms recommends staying with Brian Schottenheimer to make the team's offensive transition smoother.

4) Cardinals-Eagles. AZ has changed up their defense. One of the reasons why they won was they were doing things (on defense) that were not expected. Will be interesting to see if Fitzgerald can do damage on the talented secondary (which has not given up a passing TD in 7 games) of the Eagles. Jimmy Johnson relieved about playing the Giants w/o Burress, well, today he is going to have to deal with TWO tremendous receivers. Thought the Eagles got worn down by the Vikings and lost a lot of battles, but that the Vikings refused to win.

5) Steelers-Ravens. Tenn Titans had a big physical OL that could beat the Ravens, but the Steelers OL not nearly as good, so Simms will be watching to see if the Steelrs can at least manage that part of that the game. Flacco will be throwing the ball deep today. If the Ravens win, they will win it with passes down the field. Can the Ravens pass protect long enough to give Flacco the time, because the Steelers will rush and blitz with those great LBers (Harrison and Woodley). Parker healthy now for the Steelers, a big plus for them.

SIMMS FROM FRIDAY WITH BOOMER AND CARTON (go to the end, last ~20%) for important remarks on the wind and Eli Manning:

6) >Eli lost confidence in the wind. A couple of bad passes, it changes a lot of things. Work on it on the offseason. Always things you can do mechanically, change your grip. You are able to control the football better. Donovan McNabb did it better in the wind than Eli Manning and that is why the Eagles won. When it is windy like it was (last weekend), no, you cannot overplay the wind factor, it was a HUGE factor. Simms' secret advantage was realizing he WAS going to throw like cr*p in the game, the other QB had no clue how bad HIS day was going to be.


Anonymous said...

I have not missed an NFL playoff game for as long as I can remember. I don't always watch the superbowl. They really sucked as games until the last 10 years but I am so disgusted with Gilbrown I can't bring myself to even watch the Steelers game.

Mitch said...


Chris Mortensen is right only about half the time. ( Don't worry yet )I too do not want to see Capers.

Coughlin has been listening to his leadership council and I believe they will try to steer him to promote from within. There are at least 3 coaches he can turn to in that regard. I'm sure he will see the light.

To PP...

I know exactly how you feel. I feel like my heart has been ripped out. It's amazing, because every time I hear about the game, I get this queasy feeling in my stomach. It is so ridiculous...WE SHOULD BE PLAYING TODAY...PERIOD!!!

That motherbrowning Gilbrown...where is Buddy Ryan when you need him?

Andy F. said...

It is 24-13, middle of Q3, but do you see the difference in the playcalling? In ONE drive alone, we saw the Cardinals use a checkdown dumpoff, a draw, a rb screen... where were these plays for the Giants- the Cardinals torched the Eagles on this stuff because it is what is needed vs an agressive defense.

Mitch said...

At least we won't have to hear that the Eagles are last years Giants anymore.

Crazed Giant fan said...

I believe the offensive coordinator for the Cards has been reading this blog!! How else would he have known how to beat the Eagle blitz. I mean, all this quick stuff, screens, flares to the RB, quick slants, draw plays have never been done before in the history of the NFL. And our resident genius offensive coordinator never was smart enough to design these plays.

Peter Furman said...

Capers I am afraid will turn out to be the defensive equivilent to Gilbride. Gee whiz, if we have learned nothing else over the years, we have learned that 99% of recycled coaches are huge mistakes. This year as proof we have Whisenhut,Harbaugh, Spags,Schwartz,Mangini( huge mistake),the Dolphins guy, whoever the Raiders choose( always a huge mistake),Kansas City(?),Broncos Mcdaniel etc. The Steelers coach is in his second year so, still new.
We have Gilbride on the Giants, Turner of the Chargers( loser everywhere he has been, Phillips( the same). and people like Crennel, Lovie ,the Bears, Jack Del Rio, Martz, even the great Joe Gibbs who just couldn't get it done. In so far as Coughlin is concerned, I would argue that Reese and Spagnulo were the difference. I fear that Capers will send us back to mediocre football at best as he has failed everywhere he has been. Coughlin remembers his Jacksonville days but, they could never win the big games there either.
In every great endeavor one must stay ahead of the pack. That means constantly looking for people who will be the next Belechek, the next Spags, the next Johnson,the next Fisher, Parcells. These guys are very hard to find but, you can't find them in the past. Fox is probably near the end as Peppers wants out and he can't quite get there. The jury is still out on New Orleans and Shaun. It's interesting how so many have been Giants at one time or another. I don't think Caldwell can get it done but, we'll see.At least he is new. It will be interesting to see what happens when Cowher returns next year and what Ryan will do with the Jets.

xtian said...

remember that couglin is a retread and he won the super bowl. belichick is too, he wasn't that good in cleveland. still i agree that would like to see someone new as the giants dc.

xtian said...

lb coach bill sheridan named giants new dc. yeah!!!!

Russ Wellen said...

"Simm's secret weapons was realizing he WAS going to throw like cr*p in the game, the other QB had no clue how bad HIS day was going to be."

My God, that's funny.

Congrats due Sheridan. We dodged a bullet with Capers.

Peter Furman said...

I don't know about Sheriden. He had two years before Spags and frankly, I never hear his name. Obviously the D was pretty awful then with Lewis as co-ordinator. We can only hope that he is an innovator who learned well from Spags and has some new twists up hid sleeve. The Johnson system is proven over time. It ddidn't look so good yesterday but stands the test of time.I can't think of anyone who had the impact on a team that Spags had from the very beginning. I believe that he, more than anyone else elevatede the Giants to an excellent football team. We'll see what kind of head coach he is, It's a whole different ball game and his choice of the Rams is, in my opinion, a major blunder. This is an awful organization that is alwaqys in disarray. They obviously had some success a number of years ago but, it was a totally different organization and Martz caught the league by surprise. The team is up for sale and Georgia is dead.There is kittle talent. I don't like Devaney. I think it's obvious that the front office is much more important than most give creit for.
One could argue that George Young, Parcells,Pioli and most recently Reece have had more to do with turning a team than anyone else.We musn't forget that the two drafts Reese has held were phenominal.Most of the 14 players he drafted are on the team with an outsized majority playing key roles.
I would also like to respond to a previous post that Belechek was hamstrujng in Cleveland which has a pitiful front office and an awful organization. The Browns and the Lerner's simply are the cause of the problems there. They have been for years. The hiring of Mangini was just nuts. I may be made to look stupid but I believe Mangini will fail there too. In so far as Coughlin is concerned, I don't believe he is a good head coach. To his credit he changed his approach and hired some good people but how do you justify Gilbride and how do you justify his overly conservative offensive approach. The Giants are among the least creative offenses in the game and have been all of Tom's tenure. Eli is really good operating from the no huddle. It's not just my opinion but statistically right. The Giants almoswt never use it. Why?

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