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Friday, January 9, 2009

Some comments from your questions

Someone questioned Tomlinson's future in SD...and Chargers in general..first, let me restate the age-old axiom that RB's get OLD overnight...LT was GREAT/AWESOME..but as he gets to the wrong side of 30, the hits and the injuries take their toll...the knee last year was bad enough..but the TOE injury this year almost made him invisible/slow at times..and when he finally seems his old self, he pulls/tears a groin tendon..pretty sad for him..as for SD, they will be OK if, and only if, they remember Bennett is part of their team..they MUST run the ball up the gut a little to keep Pitt honest..but keep Sproles for kick returns, draws, flares, etc...also, SD must THROW the ball to win..which means PASS PROTECT..if they can, they have a puncher's chance...they will need to sign a free agent runner or draft a "big" guy as Sproles CANNOT carry the load...let LT carry about 15 times a game if he heals ok...now, back to our JINTS !!!

Another reader questioned the Eagles' LB corps vs. the NY LB's..sorry, guys, but it's not close..the PHIL LB's are MUCH more athletic and capable of "dropping into coverage" or covering the RB out in the flat..Pierce is great as a leader and run-stuffer, but he CANNOT RUN..the good news is that Spags KNOWS this and his DEF game-plan does NOT call for him OR the other LB's to "cover" very much...but he does want them TO HIT after short Phil. completions...as for our game, I EXPECT THE G-MEN to come out smoking on BOTH lines of scrimmage..run Jacobs, soften up their D, and then go play-action...I think "waggles" to Boss will work EXTEMELY well as they overpursue...play fake to left, semi-rollout/bootleg to right, and have Smith and/or Boss coming from the LEFT/strong side across the field..at same time, have Smith in slot to right, and run a double move to a "skinny post"..the pressure on the safety will be IMPOSSIBLE to handle and Jints should exploit this at least 3-4 times during the game..also, the ONLY guy that really worries me is NOT Westbrook...he will be "game-planned" for..and it's not Jackson as he's a "home-run" hitter we MUST contain..but AVANT can MOVE THE CHAINS...and we CANNOT let McNabb convert those 3rd down plays with passes to AVANT for 8-10 yds...they WILL NOT be able to run...soooo, stop the checkdowns/screens to Westbrook, the deep bomb to Jackson, and focus on Avant on 3rd down...and Jints rule..one note: Robbins/Cofield MUST collapse the pocket...if this is done, EASY NY WIN...if they blow their assignments, it will be a battle...but we SHOULD BE ABLE TO CONTROL THE LINES


Mitch said...

First of all you mentioned LT twice. On this blog, there is only one LT and he last played 16 years ago. I've said this before, let him get his own nickname...

It is time for the Giants to just line up and knock the "snot" out of the Eagles. Smashmouth will be the name of the game on Sunday. When we go to the pass, I believe the "double move" by our wideouts will help negate Samuel's aggresiveness and lead to big plays. ( this is also predicated by having adequate pass protect 3-4 seconds ) The weather may now be a factor in the game plan with snow in the forecast.

Here's a fact to chew on...

Only once in NFC playoff history has a top seed lost in a divisional round, and that was last year as we all know.

Cody said...

re: Avant

Great point. The WFAN guys went on WIP (Philly sports radio) this morning and they were all saying what an underrated factor Avant would be. How he runs very good, crisp routes and rarely makes mistakes. Plus he has good hands. The commentators all said that the passing game has been great since he started playing more.

Mitch said...

Mitch- I was about to make the same comment about the use of the "LT" moniker. Glad to see you beat me to it. There was an article that came out not too long ago that include excerpts of an interview with Lawrence Taylor and his way of referencing Tomlinson as "BLT" - Baby LT. That is the only way in which Tomlinson should be referenced on this blog.

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