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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Dallas and Oakland

The trouble in Dallas. Not the most flattering picture of an organization that is completely dysfunctional. Is Garrett a part of the problem or the solution?

Al Davis is interviewing all kinds of people for all kinds of different staff positions.. pay no attention to the man behind the curtain. This is kind of like the way Snyder ended up with Zorn.


Mitch said...

Interesting article in the DMN on the Cowboys. I'm not surprised because in Jerry Jones' world he figures he was OK with bringing in low character types. He won before with them, and figured he could win again. What he didn't realize is that years ago he had Troy Aikman, Emmit Smith & Michael Irvin.

The reason I bring this up is because because I am surprised with the current results of the Plaxico Burress poll that Andy has on the opening page of this blog. Currently as of this posting there are 46 people who want Plax gone and 45 want him to stay.

You cannot sacrifice team for one player. I don't care how good he is. I don't care how many players in the locker room want him back, ( some have gone on the record in favor of his return ) I am sure there are plenty who are fed up with him and have not stated there views.

This is an important time for this team. we are a championship caliber team with a "window of opportunity" in the next few years to maybe add #4 & #5 to our trophy case. I would like to hear from you Giant fans and see why you voted for him to stay. Maybe I'm missing something....At least half of you disagree with me and although I respect your views I just don't understand them. In my humble opinion, he is a cancer and I do not want this team to adhere to the Dallas Cowboys style of building. Look what has happened to them.

Talent counts for something but so does character.

Russ Wellen said...

Yet more trouble in Cowboy land -- music to my ears. Aspersions even cast on supposed genius Garrett and the practice habits of All-American boy Romo.

Mitch, I too voted to urge the team to cut bait with Burress. After all, his arrest adds insult to injury (or vice-versa in this case) to the organization, what with his fines and all.

But remember, it seems he's mostly liked by his teammates. In other words you can't brand him with the dreaded "C" word -- cancer to the team.

The players will put up with him. Will the organization and the fans?

Anonymous said...

When Plax was here we won and won easly. When he was gone we lost most of our games and the ones we did win where barely won. I'm throwing out the Seattle game because for the same reason i am discounting the Browns game and that is because in sports, sometimes things just go your way or they don't but for the most part we are much much better with him than without him.

xtian said...

first off, i have been very annoyed with plax.

the legal system will have some determination in this. obviously, if he goes to jail for a year or two, his giant days are over. but if he doesn't then i say the giants give him another chance if he admits culpability takes corrective action. he would be on a short lease.

the only reason i say give him another chance is because he is liked w/i the locker room--unlike t.o.--and is a special talent and played hurt all 2007, so he earned some slack. the giants have a high character team and can handle it. plus they have a history of taking successful chances on players with checker pasts.

remember ernie said, football players are not boy scouts. the game requires a bit of psycho-ishness.

lt was no angel and gave many reasons to be kicked off the team, but parcells put up with it and handled him differently. [please, i'm not saying plax is a lt.]

this all will play out. but in the meantime, try to replace him--big fast receiver.

Craig said...

Plax will be convicted, he had an unregistered gun, cant get out of that. But wouldn't you rather have Boldin? Houshmanzadeh? even Devery Henderson? There are more playmaking receivers out there. Plax is just tall with great hands. He's not all that fast compared to other receivers, and doesnt strike me as a guy with a great work ethic either. Its not like he is our only option. He will be gone, Toomer's contract is up, Moss will be gone. Hopefully we will add a big time receiver and I wanna see what Manningham can do.

Anonymous said...

Defenses game plan around the guy. That in and of itself tells us he will be very very hard to replace. There are not to many receivers in the league that require that kind of attention.
Boldin has shown by his actions that he is not a team player. If Plax was such a bad guy than a good man Like Pierce would not have tried to help him. Do you think if you put TO in Plax's shoes on the Giants that Antonio tries to hide the gun for him? I don't think he would but he did do it for Burress.
Show me your friends and you show me how you are. Do I think Plax is very childish and shows extremely poor judgment? You buy you ass I do. Would I want him as a friend? No way. Do I want him on the team I root for? You bet because he makes them significantly better. He is not a locker room cancer like TO.

Mitch said...

Thanks for expressing your views.
This is what a Giants blog is about. Passion for our team and how we can improve.

Personally, I don't believe Burress should be back with the team next year. He had become far too divisive a force even before the shooting episode, as his inability to live by the same rules as his teammates resulted in a one-game suspension after missing a team meeting. That he put himself in a position to jeopardize his life and the lives of those around him by carrying a loaded and unlicensed weapon into a New York nightclub is even greater cause for alarm.

Can the Giants really expect the 31-year-old Burress to suddenly transform his life and cut out the nonsense that has led to repeated rifts with his disciplinarian coach? Making big catches for Eli Manning on game day is one thing, but if the high-maintenance act carries over to the locker room and creates off-field problems that are punishable by a prison sentence, then how badly should the Giants want this guy?

Answer: They should do whatever they must to find a suitable alternative and rid themselves of Burress one way or another.

Bottom line here: Reese needs to go into free agency and the draft thinking that Burress won't be here next year. And shouldn't be.

But let's even say that Burress avoids jail and is available to play next season. Let's even say that his leg heals fine and he's ready to come back. Let's even say that NFL commissioner Roger Goodell only suspends Burress for a few games over all this, so having him on the roster isn't just a waste of space for a team.

The Giants still should cut him loose. It doesn't matter that he caught the winning pass in the Super Bowl or that Eli Manning obviously missed him, throwing a grand total of ONE....ONE...touchdown pass to Giants wide receivers over the six games that followed the shooting. It doesn't matter that Burress is like "Spider-Man," as GM Jerry Reese calls him, capable of catching anything and giving a quarterback that go-to target successful teams need.

He still needs to go. Burress' lack of judgment let down his teammates, his coaches and the fans, and the Giants can't take a chance that something like that could happen again. Filling the gap Burress would leave behind is hard, but hardly impossible, to do during the summer; filling it during the season can't be done, as evidenced by the Giants' tumble over the past month and a half. Burress contributed to the Giants' season collapsing. And no matter how good you are at catching passes, you don't get the chance to ruin two seasons for a team. You just don't.

Now some of you say Burress deserves a second chance, and that's generally a reasonable position to take. Except that this was Burress' second chance. Or third. Or fourth. It's hard to keep track sometimes, but there were the domestic disturbance calls at Burress' house and the contract hold-out during minicamp (despite the fact he'd just signed a new deal) and then the suspension for not showing up at a team meeting in October. And then, after all of that, there was the LQ nightclub and a fake name at the hospital and a gun that changed everything.

It shouldn't be a tough decision. The Giants gave Burress everything. Tons of money. Glory. And more than a couple of chances when he screwed up. The Giants gave Burress everything. Now they need to give him goodbye.

Crazed Giant fan said...

I think Mitch hit it right on the head. Don't give this man the chance to ruin two seasons in a row. I think his stupidity clearly ruined this season. And I have no reason to believe this man will change his ways. In my mind, he will continue to make foolish choices and jeopardize the team with his actions. As a paying season ticket holder, and a loyal fan, I resent his criminal action and the fact that he is partly to blame for the demise of this potentially wonderful season. Frankly, I feel like I have been cheated by him. That I wasted money going to games only to have it all be undermined by a stupid thug. Frankly, I want him to go to prison. Because, if I did the same thing, I would end up in prison.

Russ Wellen said...

Okay, you've got me convinced now, Mitch. Burress must go before he becomes next season's version of the "brown" in this season's Gilbrown.

Douglas McGuirk said...

I just wanted to say hello to everyone here. I've been reading this blog for awhile, but have yet to join in the discussion. It's nice to find a forum of passionate, knowledgeable Giants fans.

My brother-in-law and I have been debating the Plax situation all week and I think Mitch really summed it up best. I'm probably going to forward that post to him.

Even though the end of this season was highly disappointing, I still think this team is in pretty good shape heading into next season. I'd take the Giants position over that of the Cowboys, Redskins, or Eagles (who seem to be built to lose NFC Championship games).

The Giants do need some linebackers, though. The 80s feel like a long time ago in that regard.

xtian said...

i agree that plax definitely hurt the giants repeat chance this year with his immature bs and i feel cheated; the super bowl should be pitt vs nyg. it just sickens me knowing the giants should be in the game.

at the same time, he was a major reason why the gmen won in 2007 playing hurt all year. he had a huge game against the packers and probably would have another one against the pats except he hurt his knee beforehand, but the pats still covered him like he was healthier--till they figured out he wasn't ok, but that enabled single coverage on the winning td catch too.

yes, reese will smartly plan for plax not to be with the team. and the odds are against him ever playing for the team again. i just wouldn't absolutely shut the door on him mainly because his teammates still got his back regardless of plax's idiocy.

people are capable of change, even if it's a low percentage, there still is a chance, so allow it to be possible. just don't bet on it. :)

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