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Friday, January 16, 2009


Any of you ever listen to Bill Maher ? he has a portion of his show he calls "NEW RULES"...well, here..ON MY BLOG, will be THE WONDER RULES...they may be amended from time to time, they may replaced or deleted..they may even from time to time be augmented..BUTTTTTTT, they WILLLLLLL be adhered to as long as I the GIANT KING!! capese ? sooooo:

1. We will NOT, under Any condition considering having a player on our team who either:
a. Quit on his team (football equiv to "pulling a Manny")
b. Commited a seemingly, alledgedly, or actual unlawful or immoral act REGARDLESS of whether or not he gets off "scott-free"...where there's smoke, there's fire unless PROOF otherwise...so Michael Vick, Tank Johnson, PLAXICO, Pacman etal...GO HOME..LEAVE US ALONE
c. WHOSE actions make it clear that HIS desires, HIS ideas, HIS, HIS, HIS is above the good of the NYG !!! bye T.O. !!

Now, while these WONDER RULES may be applied to NFL players, they may ALSO, at the discretion of the scout and the degree of transgression of the student athelete, be similarly applied for draft purposes...with the ADDITIONAL weight of:

a. were you a team player who came to practices with RESPECT for the coaches and seemed to grasp WHAT is WAS they were trying to teach you..
b. did you actually come to college to LEARN something OTHER than football, and how has that impacted your studies, practices, perspective...did you graduate/or about to...
c. did you PRODUCE while you played...did you play hurt/are you tough/...were you a WINNER during a "high-pressure" bowl game...
d. did you have friends/family growing up...how did that impact you...

THESE are the Questions which consititute the WONDER DOCTRINE of "NFL ROSTER" imperatives...trust me, there are others, but we shall begin the off-season with this small sampling to let you know the basic WONDER philosophy...I'm not saying I'm always right..after all, wouldn't you have wanted Antonio Bryant on your team this year ?? I'm just saying I'm sticking to my guns, right or wrong..I want SMART, DEDICATED, UNSELFISH F.O.O.T.B.A.L.L. players...of course I need to find TALENT, but those attributes will invariably make them a BETTER player for the team..so where do we get these guys :

1. WE do a THOROGH evaluation of every player on the team..NO ONE IS ABOVE REPROACH...in many cases, an organized, yet CALM HC and staff can criticize or point out a player's shortcomings if they do so in a calm, PRIVATE, setting...do you really think ELI would be adverse to DAN MARINO or JOHN ELWAY spending a few weeks in the off-season doing NOTHING but showing ELI he MUST work on his footwork, specifically leading "thru" with your left foot "pointing" at your target...would Eli Object ? only a fool would object...and this scenario can go on and on for EVERY player on the team...LEARN THE OLD TRICKS FROM THE OLD DOGS !!!

2. WE do a CONSISTENT job of telling EVERYBODY on this team what their expectations on...DON'T CHANGE YOUR BASIC GAME PLAN except for external, debilitating forces...such as snowstorm, etc...Do NOT change b/c your afraid what they made do..NONSENSE...LINE UP and DARE them to BEAT YOU...if you're really good at what you do, you've already the battle...now you just have to win the war...Players like to be CREATURES of HABIT...do NOT confuse them with relative nonsense that most likely will be irrelevant..

3. Now..the BIG ONE...we MUST give up the way we draft...in a league preaching mediocrity, one must be GREAT to approach Greatness...how , then, you ask ? you will find out NEXT blog when WONDER'S DRAFT RULES hit this blog..till then, go JINTS !!


Cody said...

I agree with all of this - but there's one caveat.

In the NFL, rare is the WR a la the Torrey Holts, Larry Fitzgeralds/Anquan Boldins, etc. - let's call that "the Jerry Rice Mold" (JRWRM) - the guys that shut up, play the game, perform, etc.

And more popular are the guys you have mentioned, Chad Johnson, TO, Plax, Michael Irvin, etc. let's call that them the Mercurial WR Mold (MWRM) - you know the type, showboats, histrionics on the sideline, in the game, etc.

Obviously, the number of guys in the MWRM *FAR* outnumber the guys in the "JRWRM."

So basically what I'm trying to say, is that you need to move forward on a conversion from the MWRM to the JRWRM with a calculated roll of the dice.

Let's use Randy Moss as a prime example. Moss was *DEFINITELY* in the "MWRM" during his days in Minny and Oakland. The Patriots took a calculated roll of the dice and added him to the mix. Lo and behold, an older, wiser, more mature WR emerged. Randy Moss went from MWRM --> JRWRM. Look at this past year: Moss, without Brady, still had a very solid year and kept his mouth shut. The Moss from the MWRM days would have complained to the press ad nauseam.

So the point I'm trying to make is that right now the Giants likely have a chance to add a guy with similar talent for a similarly low price (ie 4th rd draft pick or later). By that I mean a guy that is ready to grow up and buy into the team concept. Ready to accept that Colonel Coughlin is IN CHARGE and that the big dogs on the team are Eli, Tuck, Jacobs, Snee, O'Hara, AP, CWebster, ARoss, etc.

So *IF* a guy like Chad Johnson, Braylon Edwards, (whomever!) is willing to buy into this concept, you add him ALL DAY LONG. Mark my words: if Reese adds that stud WR to the team and some depth in other areas, this team will be back to the Super Bowl NEXT YEAR.

dberenson said...

Thoughts on T.J. Houshmandzadah (or however its spelled)?

I know he hasn't played the deep/fast threat role in Cincy, since that was the other guy's role. (I'll not name him, because that's a whole other can of worms.)

But it seems to me that Plax joined the Giants in a role that was different from the one he knew in Pittsburgh, and he excelled before he, as they say, shot himself in the foot.

Another subject: Can we discuss what the Giants really need in the off-season? Who's leaving, who'll ask for too much money, what the draft picks are, what the needs are?

No time like the present to obsess about the 2009 season.

Motown Blue said...

We can all agree or we may need to defer to the GIANT KING the following are the wise men of this blog in order:

1) Wonder
2) #11

but #3 maybe the original #58. The killer agrees that TO would not be a good fit in NY and simply left it at that, no!. Carl brings up a good point that I think we all get carried away with the outlook that we have got to get this proven guy to give an immediate jolt in a position of need. Carl's point is that we, in his circle the media, "get the notion that NFL players on a roster who are on a track, who are doing well...why is there (not) a notion that a player cannot get better and get to the next level... we have fallen into this microwave mentality.....the Gs, the Patriots, Pittsburgh have had a track record of developing players". He relates to his personal experience and too Jacobs. I certainly remember Carl didn't really make a major impact until 85' as he also was learning the position having never played the position in college. Jacobs was looked at as just a short yardage guy and not a very good one.

He is not uncomfortable with the WR corp and from his "educated eye" he believes Hixon can be a star in this league.


This all goes back to what Andy states about getting team players and who buy in to what the program is out to achieve.

Carl does, however, throws out an interesting scenario of a sign and trade for Bolden. AZ has a track record of being cheap and does not think they will necessarily hold on to Bolden. Why not sign Ward and trade for Bolden as AZ certainly needs an RB. Interesting idea!!

My 2 cents on what needs to be done offseason. 1) Fire Gilbrown. 2) Eli needs to learn how to throw in the swamp and fix his mechanics to improve accuracy. 3) Sign Jacobs. 4)Super Bowl 42 was won on the D line primarily. They need to look at their position of strength and upgrade with optimally in order a) tweaner OLB who can rush the QB, or b) a DE willing to trade up for, or C) a stud DT willing to trade up for. 5) An MLB or OLB through draft or FA that has enough speed to cover a TE (AKA Witten) 6) Another WR that can stretch the field....other needs Safety, back-up T, Nickel CB, and K.

Mitch said...
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Mitch said...
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