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Sunday, January 4, 2009

BIG, HUGE hit to Vikings...Pat Williams is inactive...don't like Minn's chances here...but we can HOPE that AP goes for 150+yds...and Jarred Allen gets McNabb...going to be real tough..would much rather face AZ next week as they have NO chance against us...


Mitch said...

Vikes down 2 at the half is not too bad. I think that because the Vikes played the Giants last week it has helped them w/ Philly's blitzes.

In any event, LETS GO MINNESOTA!!!

Oxbay said...

This is long after the game is over so I know the Giants will be facing the Eagles.

Last year the Giants played all the big fearsome teams: Dallas, Green Bay, and of course the Patriots. I hope right now and throughout the playoffs the Giants relish the opportunity, welcome the challenge of playing an excellent team, and rise to the occasion of playing well and winning the game.

The Eagles might be just the right opponent to put them into the right frame of mind.

Go Giants!

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