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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Conference Championships

Tomorrow are the conference championships. The chances for an all-Pennsylvania 'Steagles' Super Bowl are pretty strong. I think I speak for nearly everyone when I say that the thought of watching the Eagles in the Super Bowl is simply revolting. I do not know if I will be able to watch the Eagles win the Super Bowl. I already have enough disgust for that coordinator of ours, so I do not need anymore.

Onto bigger and better things, yes, the discussion is already morphing into what the team needs to do to get back to the championship. Good. Let these young players live with the disappointment this offseason. Let the Giants coaches live with the failure they wrought. My respect for the work of Tom Coughlin is already weakened by his role in what took place a week ago, but it will weaken further if nothing is done to improve our OC, ie removing Gilbrown.

There are many needs out there for this team in order to get BETTER. LB, interior DL, WR, OC, QB tight spiral, replacing Spags after he is lost. What is YOUR #1 need? What need has not been listed that you believe is crucial? Is Terrell Thomas coming along well enough for the Giants to be finished at CB for the time being? What about another OT? Wonder thinks you do not let Plaxico Burress come back- do you agree? (I agree, but the players seem to have enough trust in him. Next to the link, there is a Daily News poll, and it is dead even. We are going to see what you think on the right side of the blog with a poll of our own. Maybe the viewers here are a little different.) How does this team get back to the Super Bowl?


Mitch said...

Andy I posted these on the previous thread...first in response to Mowtown Blue and then about the DC situation

Motown Blue...

You bring up some very interesting points. I agree with Killer Carl on most points but disagree with him on Hixon. I think he "can" be a better than average receiver but he will never be a difference maker. ( But there are not that many of them out there anyway )

As far as trading for Bolden, which I think every Giant fan would love...I know I would! That scenario is probably not likely, more of "pie in the sky" thinking. And if Arizona wins tomorrow and goes to the Super Bowl ( 4th stage of grief for me ) then there would be no chance he would be made available to us. ( I never want more to be proven wrong! )

As far as your 2 cents...I agree with on #1,#2 & #3. Points #4 & 5 are intertwined. They have 3 DE's on the roster and their need is already apparent for a tall OLB. Kiwi is already there. We don't know what the Giants will do. Will they play him at DE or OLB? I think that depends on the draft. He would be great in the DE rotation and keep everyone fresh, but he is one of their 11 best defenders and probably should be on the field full time. ( so there is your need of a OLB who can rush the passer ) It certainly will be interesting.

#5 is also on the roster already. He just can't stay on the field. Gerris Wilkinson is very fast and who I believe the Giants had tabbed to cover those speedy TE's like Witten.

#6 is also intertwined with #1. Yes, we need a speedy receiver to stretch the field, but if Gilbrown was smart enough to alter the attack ( which we know he wasn't ) then we could have been using the short passes to Bradshaw ( remember him?....oh don't get me started....I think Andy just got that bad regurgitated taste in his mouth again )....the problem is...I think we are stuck with Gilbrown. Did Al Davis like him? I haven't heard a word.

#6...those are depth issues which will be tried later in the draft or free agency.

January 17, 2009 7:44:00 AM EST
Blogger Mitch said...

Steve Spagnuolo seemed like a sure bet to land one of the NFL's head-coaching jobs this winter. Now it appears his best chance may be with a team that doesn't even have an opening yet ( Chiefs )....but if he does leave then...

Listen to this quote..

"I don't think there are a lot of secondary coaches that are as good as Sean McDermott," Eagles head coach Andy Reid said. "He was a phenomenal linebackers coach and, really, his versatility I just think is second to none."

His resume...

1994-97 William & Mary *Safety

1998 William & Mary Graduate Assistant

2000 Philadelphia Assistant to Head Coach

2001 Philadelphia Defensive Assistant/Quality Control

2002-03 Philadelphia Assistant
Defensive Backs

2004-06 Philadelphia Secondary/Safeties

2007 Philadelphia Linebackers

2008- Philadelphia Secondary

I obviously know nothing about him but maybe Wonder does and better yet he sounds like a branch on the Jim Johnson/Steve Spagnuolo tree to me...and what better way to hurt Philly...

and here's the kicker


Mitch said...

Oh, by the way, I do not want Plax back...

We may not even have to make that decision because of his 3/31 court date.

Let's please plan without him... he is someone you cannot depend on.

Yes, Coughlin will take a hit in my eyes if you do not fire Gilbrown. That should be decision one.

Why hasn't that occurred yet?

Andy F. said...

As someone speculated earlier this week (Crazed Giants Fan?), the Giants would be smart to let him interview with other teams (like the Raiders, which he did yesterday) first before doing that. If I am TC, I elevate one of the position coaches for some more continuity within the offense, assuming a candidate within those ranks is worthy. That kind of scenario is certainly on the table for the Giants wrt the defensive side of the team. Btw, I rate the chances of Gilbrown being let go or hired away as ~10%. Abd about 9% of that is Al Davis having a permanent lapse in reason.

Cooker said...

Personally, I believe that the Cardinals will beat the eagles tomorrow. If the Cardinals were on the road, my pick would be different, but I think they've improved enough to be able to handle the eagles in Arizona. I do agree that the Steelers will beat the Ravens.

If our DC next year is good (and that's not a given by any means), I believe that our two main needs are an upgrade at OC and a new #1 WR. For my money, they're handling the Plax situation well, because I want to trade him. If they made it obvious that he's done as a Giant they'd get nothing for him. I want a draft pick or two. He has a very team friendly contract and is talented. Assuming he's not in jail next year, he'll be worth something in a trade as many teams will overlook stupidity on a player's part if they have talent. As for OC, I want someone who can adjust to changing situations over the course of a game and the season. Injuries, weather, bad days for individual players should be addressed by the coordinators and head coach by changing how they plan for or call a game. Spags can do that, Gilbrown cannot.

Crazed Giant fan said...

There is talk that Jason Garrett is unhappy in Dallas. He would be quite an upgrade as OC and he has roots in our organization. But that is just wishful thinking I suspect.

I don't bring back Plax. But I certainly hide my intentions to try to get something in exchange for him. Play poker a little. Perhaps some team is hungry enough to make a deal for the distressed goods. But I would be shocked if we get anything higher than a number 4.

I think we need to improve on the Defensive side of the ball. I believe we won SB 42 because our Defense was outstanding. I have said it before, but we need a quality LB. Hopefully Kiehl or Goff will develop, but Kiehl has had a rather pedestrian year. Goff has just not been able to get on the field. Wilkerson is a talent, BUT he can't stay healthy and that makes him gone. The history of the NFL is filled with talented players who just couldn't stay on the field. Antonio Pierce is on the down side. Chase Blackburn is a good sub. I think the Giants have to go out in the free agent market and sign a quality LB. And then draft one and hope either Kiehl or Goff develop. As for the secondary, we seem to be set at safety and CB. So that brings us back to defensive line. Tollefson gave us some snaps, but little impact. Wynn was just a body out there. McDougle showed nothing. I think I agree with Andy, we need some help on the defensive line too.

On the Offense, I think the Giants should try to resign Carr. I think they will let Ward walk, and hope the Ware can deliver. The offensive line needs depth and I am worried about the durability of our RT. He seems to be showing his age. It would be awesome to upgrade at LT, but there are so few of them around and where we draft, it is unlikely we will have an opportunity to draft one.

Our stable of ball carriers seems adequate at the moment. We appear to have a good #1 TE and two other blocking TE's one of whom may develop. At WR, we can hope Hixon develops. Toomer is gone. I think Moss is going to get the bust label and be gone. That leaves Smith who seems to be a good possession receiver and Manningham who will hopefully develop in his second camp. I think the team will part with Tyree.

Lastly, specials. I am disgusted by our kicking game. Carney's KO were a liability but they were acceptable because he didn't miss the FG's. Well in the biggest game this year he had his worst game. He has to go. I have never been a fan of Tynes and so I think the team should actively look to upgrade that position.

If I am GM, I work on the defense first and foremost. If we can get better on that side of the ball, we will be a dominant team.
To sum it all up;
I get a new Offensive Coordinator.
I keep Kiwi at DT; sign a free agent LB.
I draft in the 1st or 2nd round a LB.
I look to get another Offensive Tackle.
I bring in competition at Kicking.

Bob said...

Offense is the main reason we did not succeed at the end of 2008, it must be the top priority for 2009.
We did well earlier last season, when the offense was clicking.
Late in the season the poor performance by the O put too much pressure on the D.

To improve the offense
1-- Gillbrown must go -(wishfull
2--We must get a high impact deep
threat wideout stud.spare no
Better to take a known talent
in free agency. We can't rely
on Burress...he's screwed us
3--Eli needs a new QB coach..ie
tight spiral
4--Id retain Jacobs & Ward if
possible...you can't complain
about their results on 08 and
they're known commodities.
Ward has great potential as a
pass receiver on short stuff
..underutilized by Gillbrown
in 08. As much as I like
Bradshaw, he's not much as a
pass blocker.
5--I would definitely retain
David Carr, when Eli was so
bad vs. the Eagles,I thought
it was time to give Carr a
shot in the 4Q, Really, Eli
was hopeless in that game.

With Osi back in 09 the D should be fine with the addition of an
impact LB. The combination of Tuck, Osi, Kiwi, & Robbins should
give us a good pass rush again.

If I were Gerry Reese I'd give Spags whatever $$$ he wants to stay on another year.

Motown Blue said...

Brown, brown, brown, brown....Spags is gone:


or NFL.com or Espn.com, whatever.

Heads the Rams contrary to reports they were leaning toward Frazier.

Pile on the depression as I had a glimmer of hope that he might slip through this year....with just the Rams awaiting. Cheifs probably would have snagged him.

My guess our DC will be Sheridan and we will suffer another year with the lobotomy Gilbrown.

Ok, I am signing off for a while too depressed and will not watch any football until August.

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