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Monday, January 5, 2009

Bring'em On- NO EXCUSES

Now that we have reached the beginning of the playoffs, you can post your selection of who will win Super Bowl XLIII on the right column of the blog -->


If the Gmen lose, they do not deserve to be Super Bowl Champions. Why? Because we saw the Eagles' hand already. Twice. And if you count the same lessons that Gilbrown had to learn yet again vs the Cowboys, three times. There should be few (if ANY) surprises. You have to know about 90%-95% of what they are going to try to do to stop you.

The Giants will play better.. A LOT BETTER than W14. And if they get torched by Westbrook on that checkdown/screen by a LBer getting beat instead of a Safety, then we deserve our fate. As long as the Giants have learned ANYTHING from that W14 matchup, the Gmen will be fine and will win this game. The Eagles have no real running game. I'd be in nickel all day, and dime on 3rd down. The Vikings w/o Pat Williams had no push up the middle, so McNabb had all day. Pls Fred Robbins and Barry Cofield, get that push and we will be fine. Kiwi and Tuck, contain that pocket.

The offense has new rhythm now that it did not have 4 weeks ago, and if Gilbrown is moronic enough to not realize that (a) the Eagle undersized defensive line needs a steady diet of Jacobs and (b) the looks they will give us mean BOSS to move the sticks/red zone, then we deserve our fate. Since major adjustments are not anticipated, the Giants should be able to outphysical this team and win.

Look back to W14's loss. Remember that the Eagles had the 10 days of rest and were jacked. Now we have the rest and we are the team that will be jacked. Remember the missed blocks? The dropped balls? The Giants were flat that day and they will be much more focused this time.

The people who make the comparisons to the Giants '07 and Steelers '05 for what the Eagles '08 allegedly look like are missing a key DIFFERENCE. The Gmen were 8-1 at this point as ROAD WARRIORS. The Steelers were 7-2 at this point as ROAD WARRIORS. The Eagles? They are 4-4-1, having beaten SF, SEA, NYG (*which we have discussed above and know all about), and MINN. Road warriors they ain't. They will be 4-5-1 and sent for early January golf after this coming Sunday.

No excuses. Unmask this team right here, right now. They caught us snoozing in W14, but this time it counts, 100% focus, 100% win.

The Giants are -4. The Giants will win and cover.


Mitch said...

Yeah, I wanted Arizona but what Giants fan didn't? This is the way it is supposed to be.

The NFC East has won 11 Super Bowls and made 19 appearances, more than any other division. It's a division that has a rich history of suffocating, physical defense, outstanding running backs and elite coaches.

BTW, Andy, (W14 was Plax week) I also remember that W14 game was very windy and the Eagles won the toss and took the wind. We were moving the ball quite easily on that opening drive down the field anyway when Gilbrown called a "reverse" with Manningham that killed the drive. Jacobs hurt his knee and then yada, yada yada.

Payback will be a bitch....time for some roasted eagle Sunday night!!!!

Of those 11 Super Bowl victories by the NFC East...do I have to remind anybody how many of them have bee earned by Philly?....


Brian said...

Would have been nice to get an "easy" game against the Cardinals, but if its the Iggs, then bring it on!

Nature said...

if anyone thinks a game against the CARDS would be EASY has GONE MAD (english accent)... its the playoffs fellas and they have a QB who has been there 2 times. that gives them bigger chance than people think.

now to the EAGLES!!!!
i have just about as much confidence in a win as i do anytime we play a division game. i think its is a toss up!!!

hey Andy why should we have any confidence in GILBRIDE now? i dont...and i hope the FOOL gets the RAIDERS JOBS!!!! Brad CHildress hurt them constantly with SCREENS to Taylor and KLEINSASSER of all people!!! if WARD and BOSS dont see some screens next week dont be surprised

i think the most important aspect of the game is the DL. we need pass rush. if we pressure McNabb we will win the game. contain the run and get SACKS!!!

the game this weekend is a flat-out toss-up.

Motown Blue said...

Gilbrown did show some signs against Carolina in using Boss, screens (though too little), passing to Ward, and quick slants to the WRs. I think we all believe he does not use his personnel effectively to which we would score 40 points a game. Overall, I think he has made just enough adjusments to win against any team.

One other fault of the Vikings in that game was containing Jackson on punts. He hurt them with field position. By the way, Childress could have used Chester Taylor more effectively with more screens and in the middle.

I am concerned with the big plays given up over the last 4 games by the D which is #36 bread and butter. If they can get a push up the middle from #98 and Cofield they can create turnovers as McNabb has been a little careless with holding the ball.

Agree with Andy about being physical with them. Their D line is underwhelming and LBs are undersized. Keep it close until the 4th quarter and then go for the throat.

xtian said...

nyg ingredients to win:
wear their d down with the run.
screens to the backs and te.
safety on westbrook.
pressure mcnabb.

pretty simple, really, but harder to execute. there will be little surprises in this matchup as both teams know each other. nyg should win, but we all know that division games are troubling.

Motown Blue said...

#58 again talks about what they need to do to ensure a win. They need to do thier housekeeping chores: red zone efficiency, 3rd and mangeable efficiency and just execute.


Thier red zone has been inconsistent all year and they need to a better job this weekend....I think we all know that play calling unpredictability and usage of Boss and Bradshaw is imperative. They were 27% on 3rd and mangeable in their last game....He points to play calling and usage of their diversity.

D needs to focus on disrupting the rythym of McNabb and #36. Stop the run and put a safety on #36.

Good stuff!

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