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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Spags new HC of the Rams

Spags signed as new HC of the St. Louis Rams The St. Louis Dispatch broke the story. No one is surprised. Happy for him. Jerry- Keep building the defense up (from a personnel standpoint), because it is likely going to have a dropoff without Spags.

Thanks Steve for helping the NY Giants to win a Super Bowl Championship, maybe even two if other things had gone well.


Mitch said...

We will probably promote from within as the article states. Bill Sheridan or Peter Guinta. (hope they are good)

I would think that Spags will name Sean McDermott, the Eagles current secondary coach to Defensive Coordinator. I would have liked him for us.

Crazed Giant fan said...

Maybe the giants will bring back Mike Nolan. He was a pretty good Defensive coordinator, not too good a Head Coach

Mitch said...

I now am hearing Dom Capers. He also is very respected around the league as a DC. He was TC's DC in Jacksonville. I guess these rumors will continue to fly.

Andy, I thnk it is time for you to compile a stellar resume for Gilbrown. Email Al Davis and persuade him he's the guy for Oakland. Tell him every 3rd line that Gilbrown's mantra is "Just win baby"

Andy F. said...

How much would Al need in a bribe to take him off our hands? He was the weakest link. Forget in-game adjustments, he could not even make a FIVE WEEK adjustment! Scary. This is turning out to be every bit as painful as SF39-38 and Flipper Anderson, because I simply cannot get past the extremely plausible notion of us playing today.

Bob said...

It makes me sick to remember the Giants beat each of the 4 teams playing today.

Unfotunately we only beat the Eagles once.

Andy F. said...

The only thing that makes me more ill is when people start thinking that Manning himself was responsible for the loss. Yes, he played a stinker, and if he is better the Giants win. But EVERYONE (including Simms, see next post, #6) KNEW that the wind was going to make Manning a lot less effective, everyone BUT GIBROWNINGBROWN.

xtian said...

sucks the big one!!!

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