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Saturday, January 10, 2009


How many of you saw this one coming?!! I certainly did not. Of the eight teams that played last weekend, only the Ravens had anything worthy of serious respect. And they should have lost today. The Cardinals?! No way. The ramifications are


The #2 seed in the NFC, gone. The #1 seed in the AFC, gone.

If we can beat the Eagles tomorrow, we play the Cardinals??!!!! You gotta be kiddin' me!

Dominique Rodgers Cromartie, the love of Wonder's life, is a rookie corner that gets better every game. As Moose and Goose suggest, the DBacks of the Cards found something in the passing game of Delhomme, because the INTS look like a tell or some kind of scheming advantage. Of course in H2 the Panthers effectively had to abandon the run, making INTs more possible, but still the results are astounding.

So you wanted the Eagles to lose so that we could play ... the Cardinals?!! Well, ya got the Cardinals if ya can get past the Eagles tomorrow!

The message: take care of the ball tomorrow (turnovers killed both higher seeds) and take care of your business. One game tomorrow. Plenty of time to think about the Cardinals. Plenty of Eagles FIRST. GO GMEN!


Mitch said...

OK...so now the the home teams are 2-4 in the playoffs...

Andy!...Everyone is giddy....but you are 1000% right. Plenty of time to think about the Cardinals....that is for next week...


This could be the best thing that could have happened, not only that Arizona won, but because we didn't play yesterday, and fall into that trap.......but we fans and the G-Men saw what happens when you lose FOCUS.....but remember everyone...

Philadelphia saw the same thing we did.

Motown Blue said...

Maybe it's karma that we play today versus yesterday. A wake up notice to hold on to the ball like your life depends upon it.

Every time Eli thows over the middle your hear rate will jump and every time Jacobs, Ward or Bradshaw break through the line and are about to be tackled from behind the tension will rise.

In the end, Carolina was exposed. They relied on a strong running game to mask their weakness...Delhomme and lack of offensive talent outside of the RBs and Smith. NYG has many more options to go to outside the running game...Boss, Smith, Hixon and Bdshaw.

Mitch said...

You are right Motown about our heart rates...etc..the tension will be enormous and the stakes obviously raised. But this team going back to last year thrives on the "us against the world mentality." They play better when they have to win. We beat Pittsburgh in the 4th Qtr this season when we had to. We beat Carolina in OT when we had to. And because one of my concerns was wind where Eli generally under performs....the latest forecast is for the mild variety in Giants Stadium today....that pleases me, it will be cold and that is OK...so with that being said...this game will be Giants football in Giants weather means the Eagles have picked the wrong place and the wrong time for a fight...GO BIG BLUE!

glenn warciski said...

I saw it coming. Carolina was overrated. No pass rush.

First things first, we need to take care of the Eagles.
I think the Eagles beat the Giants today if:

1. Manning's passes get tipped at the line of scrimmage. As a result, an Eagle interception or interceptions.
2. We lose field position battle. We give the Eagles a short field.
3. We lose the special teams battle. Jackson or Demps breaks one for a TD.

Remember, the last time we played the Eagles in the Playoffs both of the Giants TDs came from a Ron Dixon kickoff return and a wonderful Jason Sehorn pick and return.

Ball Security and gap control are key. Eli Legend steps up today.

A Giant win 23-10.

Go Big Blue!!!!

New York Football Giants

Nature said...

at season's end i made a post saying that MOMENTUM is overrated going into the play-offs. i dont recall anyone agreeing, EXPLAIN!!!!
the CARDINALs were called the WORST playoff team in years, and the worst playoff team some people had ever seen, but there are in the NFC CHAMP game....i said it before and i will say it again, WHAT MATTERS IS WHAT YOU DO ON GAMEDAY!!! dont get me wrong i dont mind stats and trend and blah blah, but guys keep that LIE alive, about winning down the stretch of the reg season. i wish i had the patients to find the post i made because i remember ALOT of people saying i was wrong...GET IN THE DANCE, and you have a chance!!!

even this week i made a post saying people are underrating KURT and the Cards. i couldn't understand how people gave them no shot against CAROLINA. all week i looked at Jake Dellhomme's numbers and said to my self, "this is the guy they have trust in?"

Mitch said...

Nature gets his props....yup I do remember,

Now, I saw Hodge on ESPN this morning spouting how the Giants never even bothered to hit Westbrook at all last game....there was video that showed he would casually slip out of the backfield into the flat and get that little dink pass....now like Nature's prognostications I have been touting Kenny Phillips since training camp...(you can look it up)...I was there and I saw a terrific player who can shadow Westbrook and intimidate him just by "hitting him hard & often" He won't like it and I think Phillips earns his keep today. I believe a star will be born. At least I hope so.

Motown Blue said...

Tynes active...other interesting inactives Tollefson and Manningham (no need to worry about that reverse call!)

When was the last time McDougal played?????

Nature said...

Mitch i think you right about #21, he is fast enough and bets of all he can tackle, i only remember him missing 1 important tackle all year

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