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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Chris Snee, Drew Rosenhaus and Ahmad Bradshaw get some attention at NY Giants training camp

The biggest news is that Snee's MRI revealed there is no serious injury. Coughlin implied that that was probably the case. Snee is the bedrock of the entire line, so given that the line is the pillar of the entire offense, his status was nothing insignificant. He may be a Guard but he makes McKenzie and O'Hara better, not the other way around. No news here was VERY GOOD NEWS.

Other important news is the sighting of the Rosenhaus clan in training camp. DiTrani was great, remarking that "they didn't come all the way to Albany just to enjoy the cuisine." Maybe this Burress logjam can be broken so that certain injuries can heal a little bit faster.

Schwartz did a puff piece on Bradshaw yesterday. Regulars to the Ultimatenyg blog know one thing about where we stand on Bradshaw- Gilbride is out to lunch almost as much on his underutilization of this talent as he was with Shockey. ULTIMATENYG MEGAPHONE WARNING: You'll be hearing the positive rants on Bradshaw early and often. If this means I have to expose Gilbride for being the meathead he is, so be it.


xtian said...

i totally agree about giving bradshaw a lot of carries. what surprised me the most about him was his power. i would also give back the short yardage snaps to jacobs. ward would also be factored in, especially in 3rd down passing situations. droughns is the odd-man out and plays only if someone is injured.

Mitch said...

I see Bradshaw winning the job outright. Worst case scenario is Bradshaw & Jacobs split the time equally.

If Gilbride is smart ( and we all know that may not be the case) I'm sure we will still be a run oriented offense, (Our "O" Line is mature and skilled with a probable Pro Bowler "Snee" there) but he should use Bradshaw out of the backfield to catch passes in the flat and utilize him on screens. I do not want to see Jacobs having too many passes thrown his way.

I can see Eli throwing alot of "seam passes" to Boss and having the ever reliable and ageless Amani with Smith as our possession receivers. Plax will continue to "stretch" the defenses and I hope that Moss or maybe Hixon finally emerges. (although I'm not confident in that) I still think David Tyree will be more valuable as a special teamer but deep down I hope he is the 4th receiver.

If we stay healthy ( always the big "IF" ) the Offense should be able to score more that our Defense gives up. Let's hope that Kenny Phillips is the real deal because if he is there will be many a receiver not wanting to go over the middle against us!

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