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Saturday, August 30, 2008

New York Giants make final roster cuts for 2008 season

The NY Giants made their final roster cuts, and there were a few items of note but nothing enormously surprising.

Brandon London is probably the biggest casualty, but my guess is that he is picked up by another team off waivers in very short order.

Getting John Carney off the geriatric ward for FG kicking duties is just part of the way the wacky world of FB works. I think I dislike FG kickers almost as much as head coaches.

The Giants for now kept FIVE RBs, choosing to stay with Droughns AND Ware. (Hedgecock does not count, he is a FB.)

Good for David Carr for surviving and making the most of his new opportunity. Between Woodson gtg cut and Wright going on IR, he is prominently there as the backup.

I do not think Guy Whimper will be challenging the slow feet of David Diehl anytime soon.. he was cut.


bruno said...

Droughns was probably kept as a backup FB. I don't expect to see him as a RB. Will see him on Special teams. DeOssi and Doughns r good examples that if u r so so u better be able to so a few things. Coaches love a guy who can fill a few slots.

Mitch said...

I was surprised the Giants kept 10 DB's, but maybe there is something down the road to alter that. I don't think that the 2 QB's are a problem for now. I can see the Giants possibly signing Chris Simms...

Also, I think Sinorice Moss was lucky that David Tyree is on the PUP list. Maybe when he comes off the DB's will downsize or is this a warning shot to Moss that it is time for him to produce? I hope he does, because he could be very interesting on some screens. Is it me or does it seem that Steve Smith catches everything in sight?

Do you think the Giants have altered their medical plan to suit the kickers?....lol

Coleman said...

I think Whimper was put on IR...

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