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Saturday, August 16, 2008

The only addition by subtraction..

done in the past year was cutting Luke Petitgout. Not that Ultimatenyg had it figured out or anything. The reason for mentioning Petitgout is that he was cut today by TB.

At the time of Reese's decision last winter we were as perplexed by the move as the media. It was Reese's first big move as GM. Petitgout's replacement, David Diehl, gave us addition by subtraction:

The not so good...
1) The OL lost depth by losing interior help when Diehl moved to Tackle.
2) Diehl had the second most sacks allowed in the NFL.

BUT the very good...
3) Diehl was healthy for all 20 games, missing only 1 series vs TB for dehydration (constantly razzed by linemates for his un-ironman imperfection!)
4) Diehl was adequate enough in pass protection and did a good job on runblocking
6) No more Petitgout back spasms throwing the OLine into damage control

That he has been cut by Gruden tells us plenty. Hmm, let's see, Reese's Giants won a Super Bowl and the Bucs released him a year later after only 4 starts and yet another injury in 2008. I guess we need not guess. Reese knew exactly what he was doing when getting rid of Petitgout- he got rid of a player with inconsistent health and "cancer" penalties. With Phillips looking good in camp, all he needs is another rookie or two to 'stick' and he will be bulletproof for a while. I think I like calling him Kevlar- any shots fired at him either miss or they just bounce off. He had a violent Shockey in his office and quietly moved on. There is no doubt who is running the show in Giantland.

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