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Sunday, August 17, 2008

A few of the typically less memorable moments with Mike and the Dog

Well, Mushnick did not do a top 10 list of Mike and the Dog's rudest and lowest moments, but we'll cobble together a few which surfaced in today's column:

Early in the season on his radio and TV shows, Mike Francesa dismissed the Rays as aberrations. "Get back to me in August," became his mantra. A caller, Monday, reminded him that it's August and the Rays are in first. Francesa blew him off.

Two Chris Russo word-challenged WFAN moments always will stand out above 5,000 others:

When, shortly after 4 p.m. he would read the closing numbers on the NASDAQ, he also would be given the numbers of popular computer company stocks. Thus, one afternoon Russo told his audience that, "Yoo-hoo was up one and an eighth."

The other was from a Saturday solo show, when Russo addressed a new studio staffer:
"Robert, what's your last name?"
"Hassadi," he replied.
Russo said he would never be able to deal with that name, so, he asked, "How about if I call you R.H.?"
"How about M.H.?" the staffer suggested.
"Why M.H.?" asked Russo.
"Because my first name is Michael."


Mitch said...

I'm amazed that someone like Chris Russo could have a 20 year career in NYC on radio. With his diction problems you would think that he could never get a job in a communications field like radio. I guess saying stupid things and being unintelligible is a gimmick that people find appealing.

His quick manner of talking, and his constant mispronunciation of names and words, "irked me no end" such as Yankees second baseman, Robinson Cano (Dog pronounces it Ca-new), are the unique quirks that listeners have come to expect from Mad Dog. But the one I found really annoying is the way he pronounces Michael Strahan's name...He always called him Strahh-Han

Andy F. said...

If you want to become a good bettor, just fade Russo like religion. He picks them only slightly better than he pronounces them.

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