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Thursday, August 7, 2008

New York Giants vs. Detroit Lions Preseason Game 1

As luck would have it, right now I am traveling and unable to pick up the game. Please feel free to post COLOR on the game. Anything on the margin is appreciated. I am taping the game but won't see be able to see it until Sunday.


Craig said...

Things to get excited about in the game.
Kenny Phillips, the man was everywhere. If he isn't starting by week 3 its a crime.
Kiwanuka getting back. Looked good, not great but god for his first game back in so long. I don't expect him to be able to shut down a man like Witten yet, but if he can cover a guy like Cooley, i will be happy.
The incredible depth at wr. If Moss can stay healthy, it will add something the giants don't have, a burner.
D-Line shut down the run. I know it was the Lions but still, they got nothing. D-Line also got into the backfield a lot.
Backup Qb's looked good, Carr got sacked, thats a surprise but the O-line looked good too.

Mitch said...

Andy, sounds like you need a sling box...

Brandon Jacobs had a nice run and showed good quickness.

The competition between Anthony Wright and David Carr to be Eli Manning's backup is tight. Both quarterbacks played extremely well, with Wright throwing over 100yards and leading the Giants on their first scoring drive (a field goal) and Carr completed 8 of 9 passes and leading the G-Men to their only touchdown.

Yes, the Defense looked good against the run. But against the pass....well it's only the first game. (nuff said)

Kenny Phillips is for real!
He was impressive in his preseason debut. He made a series of big hits and finished with a team-leading six tackles.

Andrew said...

Kenny Phillips is hard hitting, athletic and aggressive. He excels at pass coverage, tackling, pass rushing and even outside run stopping. This guy will be huge for us. Also, Sinorice Moss might be ready at last. He showed poise and speed. Another receiver to watch is Domenik Hixon, he could blossom into a decent receiver with the size and speed he has. Our d-line was great with stopping the run, not so awesome at pass rushing, but that will improve as everyone starts moving faster. Also Kiwanuka is going to be interesting, we will see what he does but I suspect he will be moving around a lot and utilized in a way that will maximize his excellent physical attributes. Jacobs also showed a flash in the beginning, breaking tackles and making guys miss on a big run. As far as Eli is concerned, he might as well have not played. It'll be interesting to see him getting more snaps in the later preseason games. Also Anthony Wright is an excellent backup and should probably be above David Carr on the depth chart.

There's my verbose and disjointed recap of the game. It's gonna be a good season, but we have a hard schedule that is looking harder all the time, we've gotta get fast outta the gate, or this season is gonna blow by us. Burress needs to start practicing a little, Steve Smith has gotta get healthy, and Bradshaw has gotta catch up (since he missed some time in the clink). Go G-MEN!!!

Daniel said...

According to Tom Coughlin in the post-game press conference, Goff sounds like he is seriously injured.

Other than that, there's nothing much to add to what everyone else said.

bruno said...

We have taken our first step in getting a competent bachup for Manning. Phillips looked good. So far, it appears that Mr. Reese has had a good draft and has made some very wise additions.

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