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Thursday, August 7, 2008


and Wonder also guarantees 4000 yards for the season assuming late season weather not an issue. Favre is perfect for the Jets, says Wonder. Cotchery and Jenkins to have big years. Keller will benefit as the rookie TE. Jenkins, Rhodes and Revis will go to the Pro Bowl if they can make the playoffs. With Favre, Thomas Jones will have a good year. Duh, Coles will be a very happy WR too. Jenkins all pro guaranteed. Mangold says it takes two guys to handle him. Favre will add tremendously to the team. "D'Brick-a-pussy is now the weakest link on the offensive line." Jets should trade Pennington to Minnesota, KC or Atlanta for ~5th round pick. He can mentor Ryan. Minnesota will win its division if they start Pennington- he does well in domes (lack of wind).


Mitch said...

There is no new deal for Plaxico Burress - at least not yet.

Burress' agent, Drew Rosenhaus, departed Giants training camp at Albany yesterday without reaching an agreement on a contract extension for the star receiver. It's not clear how much progress, if any, was made, or when the two sides will talk again.

Rosenhaus had told the Daily News he had planned to negotiate through Tuesday night and into yesterday in the hopes of finally finishing off a deal that has been discussed for months. This was Rosenhaus' third trip to Albany, each time leading to speculation that a deal was close.

Burress is apparently seeking $8 million-$9million per season. The Giants, wary of his recent injuries - including a right ankle injury that has kept him sidelined since camp opened - have not been willing to go that high for a player who has three years and $10.5 million left on his current contract.

- Vacchiano

Mitch said...

Everyone who reads this knows I'm a Giants fan. I just called my buddy who is a Jets fan and on the LI railroad on his way to Manhattan I said "What do you think?".....He hopes Favre plays more than one year was his comment....he hates the idea of giving up a posssible #1 for him but....if the Jets make the playoffs he will be thrilled...he said "no more 8 in the box" and on 3rd and 8 he will see no more 5 yard routes!" I say good job Jets you will be exciting to watch again....AND I SAY.....GO BIG BLUE!

Andy F. said...

The reason why I was grabbing Glazer scooping the Favre story was because I heard that Burress was walking out of camp, a rumor I could not confirm. Glazer was so good with his story that Wonder and I could not confirm it anywhere else. I think every other media organization was so TIRED of the chase that when it finally happened they were flat-footed and now had to confirm it before running it. Glazer has been a machine, breaking many stories. (He broke the Strahan retirement story too, if you recall.)

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