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Sunday, August 24, 2008


Yes, it is over. Umenyiora's season is over and so is the Giants'. Without Strahan and without Osi it is over. I heard from somewhere that the Giants are considering asking Strahan to come back. LMAO! Are you kidding?! Like Strahan is going to comeback NOW?!!! What are you smoking? Umenyiora is over and the Giants are over. I had not written up any blog for where I thought the Giants would be this season because I like waiting for the preseason to be over before doing so. I was of the growing sense that the Giants would be a playoff team and NOT make the Super Bowl this season, BEFORE the Umenyiora injury. Now? The Giants will not make the playoffs in my opinion because whereas I saw them finishing in 2nd in the division to the Boys, now I see them finishing in 3rd behind the Eagles. Clayton of ESPN sees the Giants finishing now in last place. I would not go that far because I still see the skins finishing last. I was looking for a 10-6 year, now I see ~8-8. Psychologically this will hurt them. They need leadership right now to get them focused on the season with what they have, but I wonder if they will have enough leadership to do that.

The 5 stages of grief... for the loss of Umenyiora. I have hit every stage already, but I think I am more stunned. The only loss as/bigger than this would have been Manning or Tuck. Heck, if the lost a guy like Bradshaw it would not have been such a huge loss because they are so deep at RB and Gilbride doesn't even know he is on the roster (only the specials team coach does!). But now that they moved Kiwi over to LB (for which I do not think they will move him back, although I rule NOTHING out) it is too much of a loss to bounce back from. We have seen how pivotal the position of DE is, and how so many things flow from this. Without Osi, it is a different team. Osi may not have had a great sack count (13-6 = 7 in the other 15 games besides Philly) but he was ALWAYS pressuring the QB. Ironically our secondary looks to be stronger this year, but now they won't be controlling the line of scrimmage the way they did in 2007. So dominance won't be there, and it was going to take a lot this season to get it done.

THANK GOODNESS FOR 2007. This is why you go for championships whenever you possibly can... you never know what is going to happen, and you cannot account for luck. The Giants post Super Bowl statistical hangover may rear its ugly head for yet another reason (first it was the Strike in '87, then the Handley in '91, and now Osi/Stray in '08). I think Osi can get back his form from an MCL, because as I understand it, the MCL is not as bad as an ACL. At the very least, Osi has helped the Giants get a title. If anyone thinks I am too pessimistic and thinks the Giants have a very good shot at repeating despite Osi going down, pls let us know why. Unless they moved Kiwi back (which is of course what I WOULD DO, that is where you drafted him for, and it is a violation of Rule #1 to use him at LB, see Rules For Winning in the NFL) and the LBers can manufacture another one to play well for us who has enough requisite speed, I do not see it. Has Kiwi lost too much weight at LB to go back to DE? Bottom line: without Kiwi at DE we do not have a shot at another title in 2008.

Gotta go, Paige is playing Whole Lotta Love.


Bass said...

I believe it has been reported Umenyiora tore the lateral meniscus, not the MCL. He should be fine for next year.

I think Strahan is a long shot. However, in a dream scenario, I could see the Giants bringing him back in a mercenary status. Did you see how well that worked for the Yankees when they brought Roger Clemens last year for ~ $25 million prorated? LOL.

Anyway, perhaps, the Giants could pay him ~ $8 million for the year. He could restructure his deal with Fox so that he would join the pre-game/post-game booth next year, taking over for Terry Bradshaw--who may be retiring at some point. However, part of the agreement with the Giants and Fox could be that he would be expected to and allowed to give reports of what he expects (in general terms) of the upcoming matchup and how he is feeling. These would, in reality, probably be more like puff pieces.

Perhaps Reese is working on a trade somewhere for some draft picks.

I am pessimistic going into this year. Perhaps 5 wins, 11 losses. Making the playoffs would be an amazing achievement. In the interest of full disclosure, I was pessimistic last year and I did not predict any playoff wins last year.

As Andy F. says, look on the bright side. Let's look at immediately after the loss to the Eagles in the playoffs after the 2006 season--Tiki's last game. Let's say someone came up to you and said, "Over the next two years, I can make it so that one year the G-men will have an amazing run, Eli will win the Super Bowl MVP, and they will beat the 18-0 Patriots while doing so; however, the other year will be a disappointment. Would you like to sign up for that?" I think all of us would have signed up for that in a heartbeat. The 2007 team, in the words of Mike Francessa, is an immortal team.

Craig said...
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Craig said...

Kiwi could be great at DE, but then who plays LB on the strong side this year? Then Kiwi's overall transition to LB will be hindered so next year he will take a step backwards in the transition because he wont stay at DE next year.

Strahan comes back and Tuck moves over, hey Strahan didn't practice last year, and I'm sure at least a little part of him wants to play. Its a long shot but I am hoping.

Looking at the schedule. IF the Giants can go 3-3 in the division, I have them going 10-6.

2 Sun, Sep 14 at St. Louis W
3 Sun, Sep 21 Cincinnati W
5 Sun, Oct 5 Seattle L
6 Mon, Oct 13 at Cleveland W
7 Sun, Oct 19 San Francisco W
8 Sun, Oct 26 at Pittsburgh L

11 Sun, Nov 16 Baltimore W
12 Sun, Nov 23 at Arizona W

16 Sun, Dec 21 Carolina W
17 Sun, Dec 28 at Minnesota L

Stl. well they suck.
Cin. has no D.
Cle. we saw how they match up.
Sf. they don't have a QB.
Bal. Joe Flacco will be starting by then, and I like him with me being a Delaware student but he's a rook.
Ari. no D Edge is way to old.
Car. they don't impress me very much.

On a side note, why do the Giants always seem to play Seattle. They play the division every 3 years, but Seattle finishes 1st every year and the Giants are usually 2nd.

rlb4 said...

I think it would be a mistake to have Strahan back. He is 38 years old( I think) hasn't practised, and will run the risk of injuring himself.THose facts would contibute to the odds that his performance would not help the Giants

bruno said...

The Giants lost a very good player. Last year they lost a very good player, Barber, and I did not have a lot of hope for the Giant's season. They always do better when my hopes r the lowest. I will leave it up to Mr Reese and the coaches. Hey; before this injury, my hopes were way WAY too high.

xtian said...

repeating is very tough, but actually easier than one thinks. 8 out of 42 super bowls have repeated winners while 18 teams played in the next years contest--whether they won or lost the previous year. that is way better odds than normal--1 of 30 or 28 or whatever.

losing osi is huge since strahan also retired. we still have tuck and kiwanka rushing on obvious passing downs. i think the dts will be better too based on reports of being in shape and the young ones gaining experience--alford and cofield. i'm not worried about the wlb--any of those guys will be fine--or the other slb and mlb. our secondary will be much improved too on the corners and although we will miss wilson at s, phillips will be quite good by the end of the year and the others will be better than last year because of experience.

on offense, te will be worse, but wr better and probably eli too, with the ol and rb about the same.

specials and returns will be better except probably kicker.

i also believe in reese and spags.

scwesley said...

What kind of crap negative fan are you

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