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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Umenyiora injury status

His knee locked on him. They do not think he tore ligaments, results of MRI will be disclosed later today. Suddenly all that took place in the preseason game means absolutely nothing if he is somehow lost with an ACL tear. Let's hope it does not come to that.

Kris Jenkins is a beast. He changes the entire complexion of the Jets defense, and obviously changed what the Giants could/not do on offense. You do not need to be a rocket scientist to see the final score (10-7 Jets) and know that both defenses did well. Yet both teams shot themselves in the foot- the Jets had two huge penalties in the first half which killed TDs/big plays, the Giants had 1st and Goal from the 8 and came away with zippo on another series.

ALL OF THIS IS IRRELEVENT IF UMENYIORA IS SERIOUSLY INJURED. You need luck to win titles, and we are not going to win a title w/o Osi this season.


Mitch said...

I just read this on Giants.com...

AUGUST 24, 2008

EAST RUTHERFORD, NJ - Giants Pro Bowl defensive end Osi Umenyiora, who left last night's game against the Jets in the second quarter when his left knee locked up, underwent an MRI and exam today at Hospital for Special Surgery.

The finding by team physician Dr. Russell Warren is that Umemyiora has a torn lateral meniscus.

Umenyiora, who will miss the 2008 season due to the injury, is scheduled to undergo surgery on Tuesday.

This is not the first time Umenyiora has required surgery to repair cartilage damage in his left knee. He underwent arthroscopic surgery for the same issue during his collegiate career at Troy State.

Our season seems over before it even got started. I'm officially sick!

Bass said...

This is a very sad and difficult day for Giants fans.

I don't know if we can have any shred of optimism. When Shockey went down last year, I felt the season was over at that time. It is obvious that Umenyiora plays an even more vital role on this team than Shockey ever could, even if Shockey were utilized to his maximum potential by the offense. Defense wins championships.

Perhaps we can maintain a shred of optimism by hoping that Kiwi can play lights out, or that someone else unexpected like Tollefson can step up. Or perhaps Reese has something up his sleeve? Perhaps a Strahan comeback? However, that seems quite unlikely.

As Andy F. says, the goal every year is to pursue and be in serious contention for a championship. And not that we shouldn't always aim high, at this point, it seems like it would be a huge success and a "successful" season if the Giants simply make the playoffs this year. It is frustrating to chant the saying commonly heard among baseball fans: "Wait until next year!"

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