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Monday, August 11, 2008

This is where Jets fans run aground

Scene at Hofstra, Hempstead NY: One fan shouted, to nobody in particular, “This is where the action is now, not in Albany,” a reference to where the Giants — with their recently acquired Lombardi Trophy — train. LOL.

Just as we applaud the Jets' signing of Favre, we also do not think it is in and of itself a panacea. The Jets pulled a Snyder, so now their coaches need to put it together while their new players simultaneously honor the dollars Woody has forked over for them. As was mentioned before, the move to get Favre enables your team to be competitive. In the longer term the Jets still face issues with fielding consistently competitive teams.

The Giants have Jerry Reese, who has thus far done all an organization can ask of his scout/player personnel director/general manager. It is too early to tell, but thus far the first looks at Kenny Phillips indicate Reese has done it again. Having a decision-maker who can consistently bring in talent no matter where he is picking is a tremendous skill offering the franchise the ability to remain competitive for the foreseeable future.


bruno said...

Its my opinion that the 3 most important positions in a NFL team's organization are:
1. GM
2. Head Coach
3. QB

Andy F. said...

Empirically, it is hard to argue with>


Reese/flexible Coughlin/New Eli

But Accorsi gets a great deal of credit for realizing that the model for winning is not only the QB on offense but the QB-disrupter on defense... the Defensive End.

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