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Sunday, August 3, 2008

Gotta love Seubert

this excerpt from Newsday:

The first fight of training camp occurred Friday morning, and to no one's surprise, G Rich Seubert was in the middle of it. LB Danny Clark was the other participant in what was more a dance while holding on to each other's face mask than a brawl, though it did end up with Seubert's helmet on the ground. "It's just training camp," Seubert said. "We've been here for a week. Everybody's a little grumpy, everybody's been doing the same stuff and going against the same players." Even Clark was aware of Seubert's reputation for training-camp scuffles. "They say you're not officially a Giant until you fight Richie in practice," Clark said. "It was the first one in camp and it was all fun stuff."

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