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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Kevin Meathead

Garafolo's powder puff version of the story: Giants coach discusses TEs

Ultimatenyg version: Giants offensive coordinator Kevin Meathead has seen his players for more than two weeks in camp. So now is a fair time to ask how the tight ends are doing in their attempt to fill in for the traded Jeremy Shockey.

"I'm not where I need to be yet. I mean, I don't think anyone would say that and be totally honest with it," Meathead said. "There's flashes and you'll see some moments where I say, 'Okay, good. I've got it.' I'm just not as talented as I need to be. I have some guys that are willing. I have certain things that I can do well. I don't know how to use tight ends yet in an offensive scheme, but I pretend to think..."

At that moment, the rains here really started to come down. Meathead looked up at the tent under which he was standing. Barely audible with the patter of the rain nearly drowning him out, Meathead laughed and said to whichever football gods he believes in, "I'm not lying. I'm telling the truth. We're in trouble. I can't coach tight ends."

Meathead then turned serious and said, "Kevin Boss is a good receiver. He's going to make a lot of catches if I ever figure out how to put him in a route. He's going to be the first one to tell you he's going to continue to work on his blocking and do the things we ask him to do. I have not deviated at all from what the approach has been because I'm unable to do anything else. If I have to adjust I won't be able to because I don't know how to pass to our TEs. I have not (adjusted the offense) at all. If I have to pass, I'll do it to the WRs."


GoodPunk6 said...


I totally understand your frustration with Gilbride. Some of his play calling is questionable. However, He's not always pulling the strings. Sometimes Eli changes the play and sometimes Coughlin calls the play. Keep in mind that Gilbride has designed a good, BALANCED offense. The giants are just as likely to run on first down as they are to pass. That's great! Does he use all the talent on the field? Absolutely. Can he have ALL the talent on the field, no way. Give the guy credit. HIS play calling won us a Super Bowl.

Andy F. said...

Winning is the best deodorant. I am thrilled we won, but I still contend it was despite Gilbride. Why did everyone talk about Spags has a head coach candidate and ZERO talk about my meathead? I will give him credit for doing enough this past season, but he has to do a lot more if we are going to win.

I appreciate the dissent. It is not particularly easy to criticize a Super Bowl winner. I do so out of fairness, that I would be issuing the same critique if Crayton continues his route on the penultimate play and the Cowboys win that game. But that is my point- that these mistakes will cost you. If it sounds mad, that I am crazy for criticizing the off. coord. when we won, it is merely that I hold consistency over all else. I am a die-hard believer in the Bill Walsh "quality" win and feel he has the tools to do that if he put the best players in the best positions.

Keep commenting! I may be the crazy wackadoo here. I simply prefer to see the Giants win every game by 11+ points.

Daniel said...

You're absolutely right about Gilbride, Andy. Just because a team wins doesn't mean every part of the team was perfect. Even the Patriots had trouble adjusting to the Giants pass-rush, and they hadn't lost a game all year.

I maintain that Gilbride is the entire reason the Giants had to get rid of Shockey. Shockey is childish, yes, but he would have been a happy child if he got to catch passes in this offense. Instead, his talent was ignored and he became a petulant, annoying child. That was Gilbride's fault.

When the chips are down, and the Giants need to put away their opponents, you know that Gilbride is good for a three and out with two runs and an incomplete pass, taking less than a minute off the clock. I can't stand him and I think he is the weakest part of this offense going into next year.

Mitch said...

I feel like I have to join in on this conversation. I agree with Andy & Daniel, but.....

Even though Gilbride is the O.C. and responsible for the offense, I believe that Coughlin does still have input. After all he is an offensive coach when it is all said and done. I have not been happy with Gilbride at times but I can't believe the Coughlin stays away entirely. If he feels something needs to be addressed then I'm sure he steps in.

As far as Shockey goes, I think I speak for most Giant fans when I say we will miss him in spite of his eccentric behavior because he is such a talent. Yes, he dropped some passes, but he ALWAYS gave 100% when he was on the field. He was so outspoken and unhappy about his role that Coaches Pope, Gilbride & Coughlin knew his displeasure and really never accomodated him. I agree with Daniel that Gilbride is to blame but I believe Coughlin has to shoulder some of the blame here as well.

Andy F. said...

There are certain things beyond Gilbride's control, namely which Eli shows up and the vulnerability of Diehl on the speed rush.

Back to TE, Giants fans of the 1990's can remember how woefully one-dimensional our offense was because of stonehands Cross. Howard Cross was a very good blocker but his Yards After Catch would be somewhere near zero for an entire SEASON. 7 yard catch and a cloud of dust. Opposing defenses basically had an extra safety to patrol anywhere they wanted. So Accorsi brings in a guy who can take pressure off the entire offense, and then he does not get used. A 3 time pro bowler!

I would not mind the TE depth problems if Gilbride would at least THROW the ball to Boss. Do not waste Boss's hands, they are soft and he can do a lot.

Gilbride is not the root of all evil. He is merely underwhelming. This offense still has the ability to be a juggernaut. Gilbride cannot be afraid to unleash Boss and Bradshaw. Those guys are in their second year now, they know the plays and responsibilities, so it's time to spread the offense.

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