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Sunday, August 10, 2008

upon further review

Reviewed the film from first preseason game.

Why is Bradshaw returning punts? So that we can have some assassin who wants a notch on his belt ruin this guy's season (or worse, career)? What is going on here? Is he buried in the depth chart so badly that while he is #3 they are going to use him this way? That is the only logical thing I can make of it, and even that is not logical because he is (imo) the Giants' best RB.

Yes, everyone chimed in about the excellent play of Phillips in his first appearance as a Giant... this is EXACTLY what you want to see. He was shot out of a cannon. I think it was Craig who said he was "everywhere." Amen. Unless there is some kind of unforeseen dropoff or some other rookie transgression, Phillips will be our starting safety on week 1. This is clearly all you needed to know about the first preseason game... Kenny Phillips is going to give the Giants defense the lift it needs.

Those Detroit QB rollouts had the Giants defense off balance. This is just a tangent on the screen pass, a method for keeping the strong pass rush of the Giants off balance. Not worried too much, Spags will have it ironed out.

Ward is still a weak pass catcher out of the backfield.

I saw #53, and was wondering why Carson's # was not retired yet. Then I KEPT seeing #53. It was Kehl. Good sign so far for the rookie.


Mitch said...

Andy, I'm glad you mentioned that about Bradshaw. Because when I saw that it reminded me of 1998 when Coach Fassel had a (brilliant?) idea about Jason Sehorn returning kicks. He then suffers a debilitating knee injury, tearing both his anterior cruciate and medial collateral ligaments, in a 1998 preseason game against the New York Jets while returning a kickoff.

Also, I remember the Giants giving out Harry Carson's #53 to Reggie Torber in 2004. (no disrespect to Reggie) but, Harry was a 9 time Pro Bowler and is now in the H.O.F. His number should be retired. Period!

Unknown said...

Totally agree, what the heck are all of the WR's on the roster for? Why not have Hixon returning punts? Why not S Moss?

There is no way that your best RB (agree on that point as well) should be back there returning punts. NFW.

Now, on the other hand, we shouldn't be surprised by this. Remember last season? Who was the guy Coughlin stuck back there to return kicks most of the time?

None other than Reuben Droughns, friends....

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